Being A Sales Hero

With the latest Superman movie in theaters, comic-book heroes are in the public eye once again. But what do caped crusaders have to do with senior sales?

Sales training attendee Jennifer English, of Keystone Woods in Springfield, MA, identifies with a female super-character in order to overcome obstacles (including a fear of rejection) and to find ways better help her prospects in need. Her hero of choice is Power Girl, who hails from the same planet as Superman, and possesses powers that any crime fighter, or sales counselor for that matter, would use in order to rescue those in need.

Jennifer English channels her inner Power Girl

Jennifer English channels her inner Power Girl

“With her special powers, she would be able to block out all but what she needs to focus on,” English says. “Using her special vision, she could concentrate on the prospect’s story, who they were, who they are and who they will be while living with us… She is not only a super-heroine with super strength to save the world from disasters, she is also a superhero when it comes to knowing how to make a connection with other people, using her special powers to get inside the head and heart of those she talks to… Power Girl stays on track, not allowing her focus to lessen. She stays on the same path with the prospect, understanding that they will make the choice to do what is right for them, and no matter what, she does the right thing for the prospects and their families.”

Anyone can relate to a heroic figure in their lives. One On One Principal David Smith, for example, identifies with a character from his childhood, The Lone Ranger, when he meets with a prospect and determines if senior living will change their lives for the better.

What character or symbol do you relate to when helping seniors in need?

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