Prospect-Centered Selling℠

Shining a Brighter Light on AL

Tonight, PBS Frontline will air an investigative report entitled “Life and Death in Assisted Living,” also featured on PBS’s website.

Unfortunately for the industry, Frontline focuses on a handful of negative stories and has so far painted a picture… Continue reading

Responses From June Training

One On One recently trained a group of senior living professionals at The Gatesworth in St. Louis. Below is some of the praise for the program and ways that One On One’s selling style will help in the attendees’ sales… Continue reading

Being A Sales Hero

With the latest Superman movie in theaters, comic-book heroes are in the public eye once again. But what do caped crusaders have to do with senior sales?

Sales training attendee Jennifer English, of Keystone Woods in Springfield, MA, identifies with… Continue reading

A Clever CFU From Cedarvale

Cedarvale Lodge Retirement Community in Keswick, Ontario, demonstrated a thoughtful, yet cost-effective, CFU (creative follow-up) sent to one of their prospects.

The prospect had said earlier that she was “waiting for a sign,” and worried that the food would… Continue reading

Trainees Weigh In

One On One has received a lot of feedback including success stories and new ways to adapt Prospect-Centered Selling. Read a few of the responses to our anonymous surveys below. Thanks again, trainees!

Follow-up Success:


Measuring Success in Seniors Housing Sales

David Smith and Alexandra Fisher present a unique and effective way for measuring success in senior housing sales with their recently published article in NIC’s latest edition of the Seniors Housing & Care Journal.

(From the NIC website)

“One… Continue reading

David Smith Article to be Published

David Smith, Founder and Principal of One On One, has authored a full article on the “Stages of Change” model (a brief introduction of stages of change here) to be featured in the upcoming 2012 edition of Seniors Housing… Continue reading

Prospect-Centered Selling℠ in Action

A key strategy in Prospect Centered Selling℠, is to spend more time in the “Selling Zone” and to build relationships with the prospect.

Such is the case with a story that comes to us from Specialty Living in Ontario.

It… Continue reading

Prospect-Centered Selling

I. Overview

What if you could extend and enhance the lives of hundreds of thousands of senior adults by inspiring them to leave homes that no longer fit their lifestyle needs? Given the incredible benefits offered, as well as very… Continue reading

Selling With Emotion

In this follow-up video (see part one here) featuring Listening Leaders Institute Lyman “Manny” Steil, he and David Smith discuss the importance of catharsis in senior sales.

For seniors, making the decision to move is a primarily emotional decision,… Continue reading