A key strategy in Prospect Centered Selling℠, is to spend more time in the “Selling Zone” and to build relationships with the prospect.

Such is the case with a story that comes to us from Specialty Living in Ontario.

It describes a prospect who eventually decided NOT to move from Montreal to their property in Ontario. However, in a letter sent by the daughter of the prospect, a deep appreciation for a sales counselor named Jennifer Rivett comes through. It is in the spirit of caring–no matter what the outcome–for the prospect that paves the way for positive connections (in this case with the adult child), and in turn, better word-of-mouth and more sales.

The following is an excerpt from the letter:

…We all talk about it, but when the time comes where there is a need to find a seniors residence for a loved one, every family faces unique challenges, and I was no exception. The stress of finding the right home, suitable location, asking questions, being comfortable with the staff, the cost, trust support, and lots more.

Cedarvale Lodge Retirement Community [a Specialty Living property] certainly stood out against all others, and not for all the reasons that I mentioned above, but rather by the comforting welcome, meeting and follow up with Jennifer Rivett. While this chapter in my life had to be the most stressful one so far, Jennifer presented herself as a consultant who offered me all the information I needed, and did so in a very caring and comforting manner. Our meeting started over the phone, Jennifer welcomed my call and gave me all the time I needed, setting the foundation to a very trusting relationship. While most Community and Marketing Managers in other residences liked selling, Jennifer never made me feel as though I was being sold. During my visit with her, she created a trusting and caring atmosphere, she was cheerful, helpful, knowledgeable, sincere and professional. Jennifer is truly an asset to Cedarvale Lodge.

Of all the other Residences that I had visited, Jennifer took extra care in helping me identify the needs of my family, focussed on our concerns and truly listened to my heart. That is a gift that no other manager showed. She showed a full understanding of my time line and all the steps that were involved in placing my mother in a residence (as she was moving from Montreal). She was truly able to separate the “person” (my mother) from the problem, and treated my mother’s needs with extreme TLC, while offering me the best package and services Cedarvale Lodge had to offer. In the end, Jennifer was the only Manager that followed up by calling my home to ask how my mother was. She was truly concerned about her well being, and wanted me to know that if there was any way she could be of further assistance to me, that I could call her at Cedarvale Lodge to speak with her anytime. She genuinely expressed that the end result had to be what was best for my mother and my family.

In the end, my mother ended up remaining in Montreal. Jennifer’s support and sincere wishes for my mother’s well being and happiness remain in my heart, and I am truly grateful for her kindness. It’s been said that happy employees create happy customers, Jennifer made me feel happy, confident and took the fear out of this extremely difficult venture. My sincere thanks to Jennifer…

One On One challenges all sales counselors and senior living professionals to leave a positive impact on both prospects and adult children with the same level of care and attention that Jennifer Rivett of Cedarvale gave to her prospect. If you have a success story (yes, the above letter is a success story–Rivett had a positive influence in the lives of the https://www.cialispascherfr24.com/tadalafil-vietnam/ prospect and her daughter) please share it with us in the All For One forum under “Success Stories.”


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