Responses From June Training

One On One recently trained a group of senior living professionals at The Gatesworth in St. Louis. Below is some of the praise for the program and ways that One On One’s selling style will help in the attendees’ sales efforts. Thanks to everyone who came!

I’m very thankful for excellent examples you showcased. I’ve always been a long, long discoverer when I toured walk-ins and community visits. Others have often thought I was wasting time or it was an unnecessary process to get all of the personal info. It makes me feel good to know I was on the right track.

I loved the personalities of those leading the group: sincere, non-judgmental, open and honest. Rare personalities.

[Training] created my awareness of my ego that gets in the way, and you have given me great tools to recognize and shift my thinking.

Best part—reminding all participants to stay with the intention to be of service and to authentically help seniors in need of change.

I really appreciate the “non-sales” perspective. I want to know my prospects and help them regardless of if they move to my facility or not. Great training, can’t wait to come to the next one!

You gave me the permission to take the time to really know prospects.

This training has taught me about discovery questions and ambivalence! I feel so excited to get back and start digging/probing. I will use all of this training. This has really brought all of my previous training full-circle. Thank you!

Our company has already implemented the One On One training, but actually coming to the class and seeing the entire process from start to finish has given me a confirmation that this will work and does work. I’m excited to go out and make a difference in someone’s life!

Coming from a hotel sales background, I have gone through many training programs, and this by far the most insightful and thought-provoking. Thank you!

[The training] will help me solve our staleness in our department.

I have learned many different techniques and ways to approach prospective residents. [Training] also has given me a new way of looking at what I do and I will be more aware when talking to prospects.

 I will no longer assume that I know. I will ask the questions, be less tentative calling those leads which I previously considered closed. There could be more to the story. I strongly believe this was time well spent. I am taking many things back to my job. Thank you!

Training reminded me of what I love about our industry—listening to stories and helping people. Great to learn how both can make a community successful.

One On One training makes me become more effective in so many aspects that affect people’s lives in positive ways. Great training. Always look forward to refresher classes and the excitement that it brings to our team.

For me, just the complete idea of getting emotionally involved with your prospects [will assist selling efforts]… getting to know your residents prior to being residents. This class was amazing. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot that will help me in my current field of work.

Question, question, question. I was doing well in CFUs, now I have better ideas.  

I love the new sMART grid. It is a great roadmap for determining where a prospect is in the process.

I really liked the concept of Stages of Change and how to direct conversation based on each stage. Also, NO feature dumping! Being OK with just getting to know the person and going from there. I am so glad I came! I can’t wait to fill our community with these new approaches!


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