Shining a Brighter Light on AL

Tonight, PBS Frontline will air an investigative report entitled “Life and Death in Assisted Living,” also featured on PBS’s website.

Unfortunately for the industry, Frontline focuses on a handful of negative stories and has so far painted a picture of AL as big business with little concern for the well-being of its customers. Stories revolve around those seemingly unshakable stereotypes of neglect and dehumanization that hold prospective residents back from the benefits of senior living.

However, we should acknowledge problems within the industry, particularly with big-portfolio companies that continue to widen the gap between owners and the people they serve. But there is another side to the story that needs to be told, one of assisted living saving and improving lives.

Those familiar with One On One’s philosophy of Prospect-Centered Selling know that the time and resources put towards a prospective resident builds strong connections between them and the community. Sales meetings should involve owners and focus on the prospect as someone in need of help. With an improved sales culture, it’s our hope that service and quality of care will better meet the needs of seniors in need.

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