The “stages of change” model, developed by James Prochaska, John Norcross and Carlo de Clemente (Changing For Good provides an excellent overview of the model), supports and reinforces One On One’s prospect-centered selling style.

At any time during the sales process, each prospect’s behavior and statements are associated with one of four stages of “readiness.” Depending on what triggers the initial inquiry, Prospects can start out at any one of the four stages. In general, the more crisis-driven and higher-acuity the prospect is in, the more ready they are likely to be.
Prospects frequently move back and forth from one stage to another, even during the same conversation. Nevertheless, there are strategic milestones for each stage that indicate that the prospect has, at least for the moment, advanced to a new stage of readiness. The graphic included reflects One On One’s adaptation of the model and its use in senior sales.

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