Trainees Weigh In

One On One has received a lot of feedback including success stories and new ways to adapt Prospect-Centered Selling. Read a few of the responses to our anonymous surveys below. Thanks again, trainees!

Follow-up Success:

Before training I was doing about 3-4 move ins a month. We were not at goal (120). March we had 5 move ins April we had 5 move ins and the May we had a 13 year record of EIGHT move ins!!!!  We hit goal and currently we are at 124 with three more move ins for this month so far!


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Another story from the forum

Respondents from April 2014 St. Louis training:

It’s a new way of thinking about sales, but right on target! Enjoyed the networking opportunities as well!

I will be training others, specifically on slowing down and aligning themselves with the prospect.

It was clear that the leaders cared about our success.

A refreshing approach!

Alex and David are great presenters/teachers. Everything is presented well, planned well and taught well. I really enjoyed it.

I love the personal touch. It makes so much sense to just talk and get to know [prospects].

Very interesting and informative. Super excited to put some of your ideas to use. 

This will make our team much more effective. I will help my team focus on the Selling Zone tasks.

As I work with our sales staff in all of our communities, we will focus on a better way to classify leads, move them forward through the process and spend more time with an existing lead base. We will be implementing these techniques into our trainings going forward.

I feel that the training will help me within the Discovery period and help me build better relationships and trust with out prospects. This will help me get more higher-functioning prospects to become residents.

I will now spend less time, energy and money on generating leads, which I have a surplus of, and more time advancing leads and moving in new residents!

Respondents from 2013 St. Louis trainings:

This is a refreshing, whole new way to approach our sales process. I am excited to implement it with our entire team.

This is the first workshop I have attended where I took notes, much less non-stop. Loved it!!!

Great eye-opener to things we never saw as areas needing improvement. This will slow us down and get us to really connect the right way with prospects.

[Training] will assist me in moving prospects along the process through advances. [It] helped me with better questions and in-depth discovery. Really useful in breaking down my past selling techniques and how to convert lower-acuity residents who, in my prior life, would be considered cold.

This has been very helpful… I realize how we need to change our mindset and our “system.” This workshop gave me so many ideas on the strategies we can do to make this happen!

This training really helped fine tune things for me. One On One is the training that felt most natural to me. I think what other companies try to teach really is unnatural. Thank you for everything; it was awesome.

Instead of hot and cold leads, I feel I have tools to move people through the stages of change. I won’t be helpless.

Excellent program. Your program was so highly recommended, better than expected… I have learned so much. I also appreciate your data-driven research too.

This training is absolutely what I need! The information and passion of your team motivates me to be more curious!

Will try to incorporate a mindset change in company of deeper relationship-building, slowing down, and stop treating a resident’s move as a “business transaction.” I truly enjoyed the workshop… a real “game changer.”

Thank you for the wonderful training last week. I was able to start this week off renewed and ready to apply the new process of SLOWING DOWN! The training was so helpful, and I can see where principles can be applied even beyond my daily work relationships. Thank you again and I will pass on my success stories!

I have a new outlook on how to aid prospects and families. I look forward to putting this new-found information and knowledge to use in my facility. Thanks for opening my eyes to selling in a new way!

I never thought of aligning and agreeing with what [prospects] are saying. Before, I would I would try to fix [their situation], or say, ‘it will be better here,’ rather than to agree with them and validate that they feel that way.

Lots of great information in the binder to refer to, [including] identifying which stage a prospect is in and how to move them along to the next stage.

[Training] will help me get better with discovery and learning with [prospects] to get them through sustain talk [sustain talk is the prospect’s way of delaying a decision or action].

This training will enable me to go deeper and feel comfortable getting the “stories” from people. It will assist in taking that quality time to build or continue to build relationships with future or present clients. I called a potential resident to follow up, and in the conversation, he mentioned that his daughter was coming to visit him and how he wished that she could meet me. I suggested that I would be happy to visit him in his home and bring him a “breath of spring.” He was delighted that I would do this, and I will be taking a potted spring arrangement to his home. In meeting the daughter and seeing this gentleman in his home, I hope to move him from the “thinking” phase to “planning” and, finally, committing to move in.

In a tour right after our training session, the couple were a example of Ed and Rozine, only reversed [Ed and Rozine are prospects whose story is featured in One On One training: Ed has both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and is hesitant to move; Rozine knows they both need to move, but won’t without Ed’s approval]. The husband was waiting for his wife to state she was ready to go. With having the training so fresh in my mind, I was able to hear their stories, their fears and frustrations. They then asked what my option was of their home situation. I told them I could certainly give them an idea of what some other people had done in their situation, but at the end of the day, it was their decision to make. Two days later, I received a check to secure their room and they will move in mid-March. Thank you for helping improve my skills.

It was great to be reeducated on these great principles and discover new points of view! I feel a sense of re-commitment and renewal to the opportunities I’m given to help others. I’m excited to get back and reestablish our discovery room, do more home visits and spend more time in the “selling zone.”

I found the “ego” portion of the training especially helpful to create awareness within myself of my own barriers to be more effective in helping others.

Respondents from 2013 Nashville training:

[Training] will help me  to actually listen actively to my prospects and families. I plan to ask questions and listen more. I think this workshop gives great ideas and methods for knowing our prospects.

I definitely was in a “seller” mindset. I enjoyed learning to have a “helper” mindset. I absolutely loved the personalized stories.

[I plan to enhance my selling efforts by] taking the time for discovery and listening to what [prospects’] needs are instead of offering what we have.

I know it works. I can’t wait to implement more of [the training]. We need to prioritize and make more time to make it happen. I love your  approach and concept. Caring/helping versus selling is very helpful, especially in asking the right questions.

I will adopt ideas on a profile for prospects and start doing more home visits with detailed follow-up. There was very useful information from the entire presentation.

I love that you live it. The passion shows.

Respondent from 2012 Chicago training:

Real relationship selling was not a new idea—but what was new, and the epiphany for me, was the understanding of how the process of asking questions allows and supports the prospect in going through the process of understanding and voicing their ambivalence and approaching the difficult and emotional decisions regarding important changes in their lives. The time-intensive, in-depth, strategic, group approach to gaining information, creating advances and creative follow-up will also be helpful—especially defining those activities as being in “the selling zone.”

Respondents from 2012 Toronto training:

Ask better questions, Stay in hero mode, Help individuals understand for themselves what is the best move for them by allowing them to think through the process and have control over the decision. Visit face to face as often as possible and use creative follow up.

I attended the session for an overall overview of the sales process to seniors. Although my role is not that of a sales or marketing person, I found the information to be very helpful should a situation arise where I am required to do a walk-in tour.

Being given the “professional permission” to attend to our seniors’ needs—because it is the right thing to do—validated my own manner. The session gave me the confidence to proceed with a more intuitive, honour-driven approach with the belief that a successful outcome would be assured.

Success need not only mean a full residence, though this is a goal; the public/target audience belief that the business I represent is trustworthy and genuinely interested in the well-being of our elders, regardless of where they choose to live, manifests itself in trust of the organization and faith in the people who represent it…you can’t buy, bully, coerce or trick people into having such a view. When you enjoy a good reputation, you will most certainly have full occupancy, enjoy your work and (perhaps just as important) feel better about the world we live in.

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