Past Responses From One On One Training

“I feel completely affirmed in my natural approach and see where I will improve results and my own personal/professional satisfaction by polishing and tweaking with your proven strategies. I only wish I had a team to go back to and collaborate with!”

“It will be a great help especially after we get additional training for our salespeople.”

“This training has given me permission to be me. This fits my personality and goals for my community. I will be actively planning daily sales meetings from now on!”

“While I will have to revamp my thought process a little, I think that it will speed-up our ‘not selling to sell’ process. I’m excited to pass along and adapt the processes for my team.”

“This is ongoing training for me, very helpful to open my mind further- I really enjoyed how interactive the training is. Thank you!”

“These methods will help move away from a system of tracking and focusing on quantity of contacts, phone calls, and tours, and towards focusing on QUALITY of contacts, measuring time in selling zone and advancements. My favorite ideas from this were the sMart Grid and the application of the concept of reverse psychology.”

“I love the concept of shifting the job position from Salesperson to Counselor, to align ourselves with what the prospect needs. This training truly brought me back to the basics – helping people navigate this journey.”

“I had many light bulb moments! This training material explained why we have roadblocks where we do. One On One’s philosophy will also raise my personal satisfaction with my job!”

“David and Alex were brilliant at group connection and pacing their presentation with a large group. There were many positive comments during lunch breaks- many feel they have received a paradigm shift. Thank you! As passionate professionals you are a breath of fresh air!”

“This felt like a REAL, honest sales training. I’ve been to many before but never like this! The process of Discovery- asking more questions, is my biggest take-away; it’s something I’ve struggled with because I felt I was being intrusive. This has given me the confidence I needed.”

“The role-playing in this training was very helpful, and when we placed mystery shop calls to our competitors it was eye-opening!”

“This provided us with great tools, new perspectives, and a new confidence to use moving forward in our selling efforts. I love the idea of using the sMart Grid with adult children, as well as stating intentions in order to build trust. Overall, great content, concept, and delivery! ”

“I was reminded of the importance of spending concerted time and effort in the planning stage; critical for advancements. I think it’s great that One On One’s strategies focus on the ‘golden rule’!”

“This taught us to re-think our current transactional selling process and shift into sales with emotion.”

“This taught me to focus on asking more questions and to re-program my old selling ideas and techniques. I will adopt the method of selling that focuses on quality and time spent with leads vs. quantity of leads and number of calls placed. I learned that ‘going deeper’ with prospects makes a world of difference.”

“ Our ownership is a strong supporter of this selling strategy. I have found my initial training to be successful and now I have a deeper understanding and confidence in this better style of counseling or selling.”

“Excellent balance of sharing new information, open discussion, and  answers to questions. This is the most relevant and applicable ‘sales training’ in the industry that I have attended. You should present at AAHSA sometime! It was a privilege to be part of this seminar. Thank You!”

“I love it! I learned tremendously on how to address questions, discover, and use the sMart Grid. I learned to become more curious, to focus on working as a team and working together, to acknowledge ‘change talk’ and ‘sustain’ talk, and then how to pivot. It was excellent and I would recommend attending more than once!”

“ I plan to change our entire corporate culture from the bottom up! Strategically I plan to do a 90 day ‘One On One’ action plan with Sales Force and define our mission so that it reflects this philosophy.”

“I really enjoyed the roll playing- being the leasing counselor, listener, and prospect. It was helpful to put into practice what we’d just reviewed. I also enjoyed experiencing calling out to other properties and learning how they handle a new inquiry- now I understand what the prospect has experienced, prior to me.”

“I want Quail Ridge management to utilize aspects of this training, to understand the vision better, and to carry it out. Thank you for all the help!”

“I loved learning how staying in the zone is not only rewarding and allows you to gain wisdom, but also helps you to learn and enjoy legacy/life stories of prospects.”

“I really embrace the shift in paradigm to encourage and facilitate self discovery, awareness, and acceptance. Thanks so much for the great inspiration!

“I feel that this ‘new’ way of selling for our community will improve our census tremendously. It will be a good plan to develop with the team to help sell the change and not the product! This seminar has been very informative and eye opening. Keep up the amazing work!”

“I’m excited to put into practice the change in the process of letting the prospect lead the conversation instead of basing everything around trying to sell a product- helping and counseling them through this difficult process.”

“I love the alligator/mermaid/risk/treasure process of organizing the facts and aspects of conversations with prospects. This has been the best senior sales training I have attended. It was presented in a wonderful relaxed atmosphere that made learning extremely comfortable and beneficial. Thank you so much to David, Alex, Angela, Dom, and Chloe. Great job One On One team!”

“I love the strategy of selling CHANGE rather than the product!”

” I wish I could train my whole staff on this through these methods through this workshop!”

“This training helped me shift my thinking on what sales IS. I am now inspired and very excited about my new position. I want everyone to attend these sessions…I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. I just absorbed the information and am so ready to get out there and use my new tools.”

“The knowledge I gained will help me to be more effective in my conversations with leads and prospects. I will plan my conversations ahead of time. I’m anxious to return to my community and put to use the knowledge and wealth of information I gained. Excellent training!”

“This two-day sales training was by far the best I have attended- the concept of putting the person and their wants, needs, fears, etc. first is so refreshing and is definitely a process I will be using moving forward in my career!”

“I’m looking forward to adopting multiple approaches that I learned today! Thank you for being a pioneer to forge a new and better way in sales relationships. Thank you!”

“I learned how important it is to ‘take the corporate out of it’ and ask questions! This seminar was life-changing. You would think it would be common sense, thanks for teaching us!”

“This will change our entire approach towards prospects. It will be critical for us to develop our prospect relationships, rather than spending too much time in operational meetings!”

“We learned the value of developing a relationship and ‘humanizing’ prospects. You have put it on paper and backed our premise with psychology.”

“We have been more successful in closing our leads since using this sales method. When prospects come to our community they are surprised to know how much we actually want to know about them.”

“The training will help me to discover what others truly are in-need of, so that I may help them discover for themselves what their needs really are.”

“I really love the idea/concept of moving away from sales calls to face-to-face. Thank you so much for having us!”

“Team One On One,

I thought you might enjoy a follow-up regarding how things are going in our world with “Prospect-Centered Selling”. We found that virtually all of our sales people enjoyed and benefited from the Training in St. Louis. A few of our properties went full speed ahead with setting up a system – the board, creative follow up, home visits, slow = fast.  We saw that as these folks created the framework, it motivated them to more readily to put into practice how to “be” with people.  I have often wondered if empathy can really be taught.  I saw some of it happening as our sales people practiced the mechanics and simply had conversations with people.  We spent a fair amount of time role playing, reminding and talking about that much of it is just talking with people and seeking to develop a friendship with the prospect.

Creative follow up and home visits scared some people.  They did not want to be pushy or intrusive.  So, we would ask them – Has it ever felt pushy when someone gave you a gift with no strings attached? Is it more or less pushy than hounding people with phone calls to see if they have decided.  Really, it is mostly about being uncomfortable with vulnerability. But – most were willing to take the risk and go for it. A couple properties felt nervous because of the urgency to fill, so they couldn’t seem to handle the slow = fast approach.  We continued to emphasize the importance of meeting prospects where they are in the stages of change and going from there.  Today Keystone properties average 97.5% and are seeing that the long-term prospects are the ones we want to come back to us when they are ready, and go no place else – all about the friendship with them.

In summary, our folks greatly benefited from the One On One Training. The follow-up we did visiting our teams within about 30 days was huge. At Keystone Denver, we have been at an average of 99.5% in 2013, and now have a wait-list of 23 people.  People literally call and come in say “I heard that I better get my parents (or myself) on the wait list at Keystone!”  It’s really Cialdini’s principle of scarcity – people do not want to miss out or be farther down the line than someone else.  We are working to get our other properties to take a similar approach.

We love the fresh air that comes when we share stories of the relationships we are building.  Our Director of Resident Care came to me the other day and asked if we would train her in the prospect-centered approach – she wants to help out with the 80+ new inquiries we get each month and because she said she can see all of fun we are having keeping the place full.

Thank you again,



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