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OneOnOne employs a prospect-centered, relationship-based selling style that:

  • Is focused on the prospect rather than the transaction
  • Adapts a Stages of Change model to create meaningful action plans
  • Consistently produces higher visit-to-close conversion rates
  • Teaches successful techniques such as motivational interviewing and creative follow-up
  • Is ideal for training leasing counselors, executive directors and many other roles in management

For more than 20 years, David Smith and One On One have developed, refined and created systems to support a selling style that produces both significantly better closing ratios and a high average number of leases per month. One On One’s approach is grounded in techniques derived from:

  • Scientific sales research from Neil Rackham, James Cathcart, Tony Alessandra, Robert Cialdini and others
  • Direct experience from dozens of hands-on turnaround and new fill campaigns
  • The study of best practices from leading industry portfolio companies
  • Self-funded research in conjunction with recognized senior housing market research professionals.

The impact of the One On One selling approach shows in actual sales results. For example, the national average ratio of qualified prospect leads to move-ins for assisted living is approximately 10%, with about five new leases per month. By contrast, One On One is converting roughly 40% of its qualified leads and producing 15 or more new leases per month. Assuming an average monthly residency fee of $2,500 or more per month, an additional 10 leases per month converts to $300,000 per year of additional revenues and over $3 million of additional property value.

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One On One Alumni

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