What to Measure: Move-ins and More

In December, ALFA’s Senior Living Executive published the article “Marketing Metrics: How Many Inquiries and Tours to Move-Ins?”.

Author Adam Stone brings together several voices from senior living communities across the country to find what they measure and how their data contributes to a more successful sales and marketing campaign. Discussed in the article are factors such as the number of community professionals that are contacted for referrals and the number of new inquiries that are qualified with follow-up appointments.

What is not explored by the article is how to measure meaningful advances made with individual prospects. For more insight into the individualized sales process used by One On One, look to David Smith and Alex Fisher’s “Measuring Success in Seniors Housing Sales: Prospect-Centered Selling With the ‘Stages of Change’ Model,” and look for new, relevant material to be published by the One On One team in the near future!

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