What A Journey It Has Been!

What A Journey It Has Been!

Every so often I’m fortunate enough to reflect back on my career journey to date, and to share some of what I’ve learned along the way.

I made an appearance on 550AM’s popular “Life’s Third Act” (formerly “Elder Talk”) program to discuss my unique perspective, and equally unique journey (see link to listen). Among other things, we discuss the transition that seniors make as they move from their homes to senior living communities, my own career path from attorney to the senior living industry, the top reasons seniors resist leaving their homes, the costs of living in senior living homes, how I work with the families of seniors as they make this move, and more.

Among other things we discussed how the prospect of change can be daunting to many, seniors in particular.

“We’re all afraid of change and the unknown especially when it impacts every aspect of our lives. My friend Bernie at his granddaughter’s wedding a couple of weeks ago, at 92 years old I said, “Bernie, how are you doing?” He said, “Oh my God, you have no idea old age is such a ferocious adversary. It’s ubiquitous, it’s continuous and inevitably it leads to a bad conclusion.” I was thinking about what he was saying and the choice that a retirement community is an alternative to staying at home usually in a situation that no longer fits their needs. So that’s on the one hand, on the other hand is the fear, the emotional fear of losing your role, your sense of authority within the family and decision making. That fear can be overwhelming, especially the concept of losing one’s identity. I know who I’ve been, I’m familiar with my home, I’m comfortable here, I have a nostalgic sense that it used to be terrific. It’s not really working right now but I’m scared to death of change.”

We also look at the importance and value of one-on-one, face-to-face connection in this digital age of “virtual” tours and Zoom meetings.

“The average sales professional in our industry is able to convert only about 25% of the people that they get face to face with. In other words, if they’ve had a tour or a home visit or had a chance to meet with, they’re only closing about 25% of those. I’m able, and the people who have worked with our methodology have been able to convert nearly twice that many just by helping people get ready before we start offering solutions.” 

Whether you’re a senior, in the sales industry, or simply want to learn more about human behavior and decision-making processes, you’re sure to find something in this interview to pique your interest.

Please take a listen.