David’s Sales Tips: Advances, Small Steps Towards Success

In this installment of “Best Practices in Senior Housing Sales,” David Smith gives a definition of “Advances” and how they help senior sales counselors reach their goals. David sheds light on what most senior living professionals fear the most: lack of occupancy.

However, as strong as that fear may be, the prospect’s fear of change and moving may be even stronger. After all, they are leaving their home and placing their trust in someone with whom they’ve only had a few conversations. It can be difficult to pinpoint how trust is being built and which actions solidify interest and the journey of “moving forward.” That’s where “Advances” come in to play (and track) progress.

David details the multiple levels of “Advances” and what they signify about the prospect’s stage of readiness and how goals should be set around those “breakthrough moments” to ensure progress continues to a positive, successful close.

This video was produced by Sherpa CRM.