David’s Sales Tips: Prospect Planning, The Foundation of Sales Success

In this episode of “David Smith’s Best Practices in Senior Housing Sales,” David Smith advises sales counselors on prospect planning. What is it, why is it necessary and how does it help sales counselors reach their goals?

According to David, the lack of prospect planning can have disastrous effects on our initial ability to build a connection with prospects. The “status quo” of senior sales includes a variety of to-do tasks and pen marks, but no real ‘planning’ and discovering of prospect’s evolving life.

When sales counselors commit to investing time in their prospects, they’ll uncover more about them, and they’ll be better prepared to navigate the conversation and questions that arise. However, if sales counselors stick to a script or the occasional phone call to ‘check-in’ they’ll run the risk of alienating their prospect and blending in with the crowd of other sales callers.

In order to have effective time with prospects, a sales team must have effective time in planning and in developing strategies around current information. This means being committed to listening, understanding and developing genuine curiosity and empathy so that you don’t miss quality information from your prospects.

This video was produced by Sherpa CRM.