David’s Sales Tips: Prospect Ambivalence – Going with the Skid

In this installment of “David Smith’s Best Practices in Senior Housing Sales,” David Smith takes on prospect ambivalence. His advice? Go with the skid! According to David, when sales counselors focus on leaning into, and further unwrapping prospect concerns, they can open up the conversation. When they open up the conversation, they can get to know their prospect including their fears, likes, dislikes, and ultimately, the reason for their ambivalence.  

When sales counselors ‘go with the skid’ they gain trust as they help prospects come to understand, on their terms, why they should or should not make a change. With this approach, sales counselors will find more ease in navigating the conversation and allowing their compassion to lead it, while the prospect will feel more empowered and more confident in themselves in the process.

This video was produced by Sherpa CRM.