David’s Sales Tips: Can We Get Prospects ‘Ready’?

In this episode of “David Smith’s Best Practices in Senior Housing Sales,” David Smith continues to share his research and knowledge in the senior housing sales industry by focusing on the idea of ‘readiness’. Can you as a sales counselor get a prospect ‘ready’?

According to David, truly skilled sales professionals help prospects get ‘ready,’ by taking these steps.

First, they connect empathetically with the individual. They ask questions about the person and they demonstrate genuine interest when they open up.

Second, they forget about the outcome. Prospects are ‘ready’ to begin a conversation when they inquire. That’s all you know and that’s all you can control. Remember, you are a guide on their journey, not a cattle herder.

Third, they demonstrate ultimate loyalty. You are here on behalf of your prospect’s needs. That means you celebrate the right outcome for them, even if they don’t ultimately move into your community.

This video was produced by Sherpa CRM.