David’s Sales Tips: Fighting For the Same Prospects

In this episode of “David Smith’s Best Practices in Senior Housing Sales,” David Smith offers unique perspectives on the seemingly negative ‘facts’ of senior living sales. Senior sales counselors are selling something that very few desire to buy–change. On top of that, sales counselors are all competing for a small percentage of prospects. They’re focusing their sights on those that are the ‘easy sell’ and are ready to make the change to senior living. That leaves an untapped market of prospects that the average sales counselor deems ‘cold’ or ‘lost’. 

David encourages sales counselors to tap into that market and rethink the dynamic of senior selling. Through a Prospect-Centered approach®, sales counselors can focus their time and effort in establishing continued communication throughout the prospect’s journey (a journey that’s continuously evolving) so that trust can be built. When prospects feel ‘ready’ they’ll be more likely to join the community whose professionals truly made it their purpose to know, understand and help them in their search. The key word here is ‘help’ according to David.